With every new beginning, something ends…

With every new sentence, another ends…

With every new hope, disappointment ends…

With every new trust, doubt ends…

With every new respect, shame ends…

With every new year, another ends..



When we sleep;

We dream: We want them to come true…

We visit places no-one ever knew exists,

We stretch our limits,

We kiss our goals,

We do what we like,

We do what we want;

We love what we love.

We evolve as a hero!

When we sleep;                           

We dream: We want them to come true...

So? What really stops us?

If the darkest night can show us the brightest


Why do we take the darkest decisions in the brightest day?


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The inner self of us is bewitched to choose what we see at the moment! But have you thought that the resources we waste on them can be put together to gather what we want for so long? Patience is the price of our dreams, deal it with maturity!



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What History teaches us

History fascinates us;

History thrills us.

But have we noticed...

What it really shows us?

Have we noticed...

The principals?

The glory?

The ideals?

If we have...

Why is it lost now?

Have we noticed...

The mistakes which they made?

The lessons which they get?

If we have...

Why do we still make the same mistakes?

History fascinates us;

History thrills us.

But have we noticed...what it really shows us?



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